What am I darling?

Hey you, welcome! First of all, I proudly present myself to you as a Freelance Software Developer. Beside developing android programming, I am also not bad at web and desktop programming. I work with the motto: “Free soul, Creative mind.”

Now, we go to content: creation section; which is the most unsuccessful topic known in Software Developers, even most of the people don’t care about things like hobbies, phobias and characteristics, I will put some things in here so you can know about me. I put Philosophy excessively in every area of my life, actually more than needed. Sports and Music are my main interests. The rest is just the usually known student stuff. And lastly, I work at night and sleep all day.


  • .Pamukkale University Faculty of Sports Sciences IT (March 2015 - December 2015)
  • .Akudosoft (July 2012 - August 2016)


  • .Pamukkale University- Archeology(2015 -      )
  • .Pamukkale University - Computer Programming (2014 - 2016)
  • .Denizli Atatürk Vocational and Technical High School - IT > Database Programming (2010 - 2014)


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